Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): What will 2010 look like?

My first experience with search engine optimisation was in 1997 when our team developed an IT recruitment portal and one of the challenges was to drive […]

Emerging Trends in Marketing

In my experience as an SEO professional, I get to meet people with varied perspectives. Sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair when I […]

Reinventing Internet Marketing, because customer is King

Internet Marketing has brought many unique benefits to marketing. These include time to market, interactivity and lower cost. This has resulted in widespread adoption of this […]

Melbourne Cup

What place did your horse finish in the race that stops the Nation? I took a dip in the excitement of Melbourne cup. For years I […]

iGoogle : Take it personal

Remember, it was last year, May 2007, when Google launched iGoogle, the Google Personalized Homepage. It started with seven gadget templates and today, there are over […]

Google Universal Search?

It sounds familiar. We, business people aware of the latest news in the online dimension, have all heard of Google’s Universal Search. Almost one year after […]